About Dr. Pete Johnson

A Proven Track-Record of Results:

  • Thirty-one year veteran of the professional speaking and consulting industry, Dr. Pete has addressed more than two thousand audiences worldwide and consistently earns the audience’s highest ratings
  • Worked exclusively under direct contract with the U.S. Army’s advanced technology command working strategic plans for Homeland Defense
  • Corporate job experience / credentials include a long running information technology career with IBM, General Electric, Litton Industries, Data General and McDonnell-Douglas
  • Educational background includes degrees in Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Business Management (MBA) and a PhD in Human Resource Development
  • Business Sector Strategic Thinking Expert for the U.S. Army Staff College’s Senior Leaders Course for High-Ranking Military and Civilians at their Ft. Belvoir, Virginia campus

“A Fool with a Plan will always be better off than a Genius without a Plan.” – T. Boone Pickens

What makes Dr. Pete’s Programs So Unique: 

  1.  Extensive Attendee Participation vs. Typical Broadcast-type Delivery style.
  2.  Audience Discussion on Current Relevant Critical Issues vs. Motivational Stories and Inspirational Examples.
  3.   Real-Time Relevant Content vs. Pre-Determined Power Point Slide Show.
  4.   Audience Participatory Workbook Handout vs. Reprinted Power Point Slide Notes.
  5.   Follow-Through Implementation Materials and Support vs. “Just Do It!” and “Do It Now!” messages.


Return on Investment:

Most audiences have already been exposed to a broad range and volume of ideas and information on how to be more successful and how to accomplish their goals. What makes Dr. Pete’s programs so very different is that he incorporates a very unique “Hands-On” speaking style turning a conference lecture into more of a “Fire-Side” discussion on direct industry-related critical issues. One look at his preview video would show just how much he really interacts with each audience and how well they respond to his unusual “two-way discussion” type speaking style.

Here’s the Practical Take-Away Your Audience Can Use Right Now:

  • The Current Critical Issues Impacting Your Industry as of Today.
  • The Top 20 Best Ideas Compiled from the Best Minds Attending Your Conference.
  • The Top 10 Specific Priorities That Will Produce Measurable Results for Your Audience Over the Next Four to Six Weeks.
  • Comprehensive Audience Hand-Outs to Organize and Track Results of Follow-up Actions.