SPI Members’ Annual 2-Day
Team Planning Retreat

 Our Mission

To Provide a highly-organized think-tank environment to discuss directly relevant strategies, Ideas and suggestions to further KAIZEN and Grow Your Business

 “Rapid Strategic Execution Made Simple”

  • A Hard-Copy “Real-World” Working Strategic Business Plan Focused on Pro-Actively Growing Your Business.
  •  Strategic Due Diligence Research and Best Practices Analysis.
  • Monthly Cloud-Based Updates to Verify Your ProgressOn-Plan.
  • Monthly In-Depth Strategy Review Sessions to Rapidly Incorporate Shifts and Changes in Your Industry and Marketplace.
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding Support Team to Provide Immediate Assistance in an As-Needed Timeframe.
  • Continuous Strategic Review and Analysis of Your Business and Marketing Strategies, Plans and Resources.

KAIZEN – The Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Innovation and Improvement.

“Annual 2-Day Retreat”

A Unique Format

8:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m


Dr. Pete Johnson

25502 Saddle Rock Place

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


Annual Strategic Goals

Annual Strategic Goals

Collaborative Team Input

Monthly Progress-On-Plan

Cloud-Based Real-Time Updates

Qtrly. Performance Evaluation


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Dr. Peter Johnson

Strategic Analyst

Strategic Performance Institute

A Unique Concept…

  • Critical Quarterly Performance-On-Goal Evaluation and Strategy / Plan Recalibration.
  • Monthly Progress-On-Plan review of Accountability and Execution Follow-Through..
  • 90-Day Measurable RESULTS are the Name of the Game…
    Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!

Dont Tell Me, Show Me!